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PLT: Behind Closed Doors

Jan 28, 2020

Nat's in LA this week and is joined by US Brand Ambassador, Chantel Jeffries. She tells us all about how she became Ceejay The DJ, what really goes on behind the 'gram, and her brand new edit with PLT...

Jan 21, 2020

This week, Nat is joined by the incredible Alexandra Cane. She tells us all about her time in the villa, and her new found love 'The Happy Body Plan'. She explains why this has not only transformed her body, but also her way of life.

Jan 14, 2020

Instagram's most mysterious influencer, Charlotte Emily Sanders speaks out for the FIRST time on today's podcast. She explains how she went from having a 9-5 to being an influencer, her brand new home, and her thoughts on modern relationships.

Jan 7, 2020

Influencer, Sophie Lee, talks to Nat about her life changing accident, and how the traumatic experience has not only changed her perspective on life but has also made her a better person.